Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reception or EVENT?

This past June, I had the pleasure of performing background music at a cocktail reception for the executive committee of the volunteer program at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was held outdoors at the Centennial Café in Fairmount Park. Since it was a small gathering, all that was requested in terms of instrumentation was solo keyboard. My very professional Yamaha P8O keyboard works well for outdoor parties and, once again, provided a good sound.

Attendees were very pleased with the music and the committee chairwoman sent me a lovely thank you note concluding with the sentence “Your beautiful music made the reception an EVENT!”

I certainly realize the importance of live music because of many letters of appreciation I’ve received over the years. The chairwoman’s statement, however, was a unique observation of its capacity to transform a special occasion. A reception doesn’t have to be just another reception. Add live music and, who knows, it may magically turn into a warm, wonderful, extraordinary “event.”


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